Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nintendo Stealth Conference: Let's Hit It.

  • Many of the games shown in this video are shown too briefly to make any kind of substantive observations. Let's see how it goes.
  • DSi: Slimmer, SD card slow, internal flash memory, bigger screens, internet browser, DS online store, and 2 cameras. Over the past few years, I've faced several road blocks when designing software fore the DS because it lacked many of these key features. Once again, Nintendo supplies the hardware/features that I need to design my innovative games freely.
  • The fashion game: Looks to have very high production values considering the detailed customization and the 3D graphics.
  • Nintendo Pedometer & Wii Fit for my pocket? Sign me up. I loved my Pokemon Pikachu with its built in pedometer when I was in middle school, and I look forward to this next step. Nintendo had to find a way to put Mii's on the DS. They're the best tool Nintendo has to make games personal and accessible to the broadest audience.
  • The Kirby game looks just as colorful as other games in the same series.
  • The Valkyrie Profile, Chrono Trigger, and the Shiren The Wanderer look very traditional in their core RPG design. Let's hope at least 2 of these 3 have some tricks up their sleeve.
  • The Soccer game looks slick. It appears that many developers have figured out how to make nice looking 3D DS games. The implementation of the Mii's fits, and the game appears to support a range of detailed stats.
  • Sooo many RPGs. I guess they come with the territory.
  • Professor Layton looks as dashing as ever. In other words, it looks like more of the same.
  • The Iwata, Reggie, and Miyamoto Mii's are charming. I'm not sure what kind of game/software they're in.
  • Mario & Luigi look like they're control with the touch screen for battles. Interesting change.
  • Wario Paint/Ware: Looks like Mario Paint. Plays like Wario Ware. Perhaps everyone makes micro games and shares them for content that's always unique. Either way, this game has piqued my interests.
  • 3D picross. I liked 2D picross. Hopefully they'll find an intuitive way to manipulate the camera. The rubik cube DS game's camera controls are pretty complicated and finicky.
  • More RPGs. Such is Japan.

  • Much of the Wii game footage is too short to deduce anything. There's a lot to look forward to this fall and next year from the Wii. The games shown in the video run the full gamut of "casual" to "hardcore" games and from familiar to new IPs. There'es something for everyone.
Until we get more information...

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